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Dealing With Change Just Got Easier

How to Adjust Your Emotional Response

Quinn Price      Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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No one or thing makes you feel anything.  You are constantly taking in what you see and drawing conclusions or placing meaning on the input you process.  We are meaning making machines who are capable of drawing any number of conclusions about an event or person.  

Emotional Response Experiment

To illustrate this point, let's do an experiment.  Notice what's going on around you.  Just see it.  Now intentionally create a state of emotional anxiety by imagining something you fear.  Add in words or a narrative that produces fear.  Perhaps you can imagine a spider crawling on the chair and you know, just know you're about to feel it attack you.  Or imagine that we're minutes away from a natural disaster and you sense that it will affect you.  Allow yourself to know this.  Expand images that produce anxiety and add sound, color, anything that intensifies it for you.

Most people move from a neutral state to a state of fear when they begin to add in images, words, focus, or a way of thinking about a situation.  Vikor Frankle found that those who concluded that the harsh conditions of Auschwitz had meaning to them, they were much more likely to survive.  He used his imagination to create a narrative that allowed this horrific situation to be seen and experienced as useful by him.  It saved his life.

Mastering Our Meaning Making Machine

When I moved to embrace a plant-based eating regimen, I noticed the emotion of fear and lack.  I like fried chicken and suddenly I was panicking that I would never have it again.  What am I doing!  So I began to notice my narrative, the images, and choice of focus.  I had created a scarcity narrative that went away when I noticed it and changed it to align with the fact that I would have a little on the weekend.  

When we begin to how our stories about events shape our emotions, we awaken to the power of awareness in shaping our emotional lives.  I move into the perspective of the one who can notice my thoughts, knowing that I am not my thoughts, then notice how my stories, narrative, images, focus or choices to magnify these are impacting my emotions.  I can process past hurts by doing this, resolving to release the pain to a higher power while relaxing into peace, passionate purpose, and my own authentic power.  It's a choice that starts with awareness.

A friend found that she was able to let go of cigarettes when she knew they were available is she had to have one.  Against the advice of her counsel who asked her to get rid of all her cigs, she dealt with scarcity and fear in an unusual way.  It worked for her.  Come to understand how you affect your narrative through your choice of narrative and shape the words, images, focus, and frames you place on an event.  Experiment.  As you do this, you will come to master critical minutes in your change process and create results that otherwise you can't.

Isn't it time?


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