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Dealing With Change Just Got Easier

Accountablility Accelerates Change

Quinn Price      Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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accountability, changeLearn to Create Healthy Accountability to Make Change Real

Accountability is a loaded word.  When we hear that the boss wants to have an accountability conversation with us, few look forward to it.  Yet no one trusts another without accountability.  When is accountability healthy and when isn't it?  And when it comes to change, how do we create healthy accountability to accelerate change?

Accountability Defined

Accountability is nothing more or less than asking someone to give an account of their responsibility.  We first recognize a responsibility, an ownership, a focus, then we give an account of how that's going.  Easy, right?  It depends.

When we're called to account for our responsibility in an accusatory, punishing, overreacting way, it shuts down communication and we're less likely to want to be transparent.  When accountability is about learning, adjusting, and progressing, it's a healthy thing.

Accountability is Essential for Real Change

So what does accountability have to do with change?

We must approach our personal change in complete ownership or responsibility for both the result and the process or approach we're taking to get that result.  It's up to us and we own it.  Then when it comes to accountability, we must approach ourselves from the lens of learning, not lynching.  We don't like it when others do it to us so why do it to ourselves?

Learning Not Lynching

Every change you pursue comes with many opportunities to learn, adjust, reinforce, and assimilate.  When we shut down influence with yourself or others by approaching accountability by lynching rather than learning, we hurt our ability to manifest a new normal.  We need supportive people who speak the truth in love to us, supporting us on our desire to create a new normal, and from the lens of learning, not lynching, progress, not punishment.

You got this.


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